VitaVes provide laundry services to: hotels, restaurants, hostels, motels, SPA centers, Fitness centers and other companies. We also provide laundry services to individuals.

We are using top quality professional powders and softeners for freshness and fragrance.

Our Services:

  • Washing sheets
  • Washing cotton napkins
  • Washing dishcloths
  • Washing curtains
  • Washing towels
  • Washing bathrobes
  • Washing pillow cases
  • Washing badclothes
  • Washing bedding sets
  • Washing chair covers
  • Washing draperies
  • Washing pillows
  • Washing blankets
  • Wasing yorgans

We wash customer's laundry separatly.

We can pick up your laundry at your address or you can deliver it yourself.

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