VitaVes laundry pricing


Pricelist for Personal laundry Services (no-companies)



Washing and drying (up to 5kg. per cycle)750 din
Washing and drying (up to 10kg. per cycle)1100 din
Ironing - flatwork machine (1kg.) / Flatwork machine with our washing (1kg.)300 din / 220 din
Ironing - manual (1kg.)400 din
Shirt - washing, drying and ironing240 din
Shirt - ironing (per piece)160 din
T-shirt with collar - ironing (per piece)110 din
T-shirt with collar - washing, drying & ironing (per piece)170 din
Pants - ironing (per piece)220 din
Pants - washing, drying & ironing (per piece)500 din
Dress (long) - ironing (per piece)350 din
Dress (long) - washing, drying & ironing (per piece)750 din
Dress (short) - ironing (per piece)260 din
Dress (short) - washing, drying & ironing (per piece)500 din
Jacket - ironing (per piece)300 din
Blanket - washing and drying800 din
Blanket (double) - washing and drying1150 din
Curtains - washing, drying i ironing (m2)125 din
Drapery - washing, drying and ironing (m2)150 din
Pillow - large, synthetic- washing and drying400 din
Pillow - small, synthetic- washing and drying200 din
Jacket stuffed, thin - washing and drying550 din
Jacket stuffed, thick - washing and drying800 din


Note: All Pricing are with VAT included

* Express service (same day) - service price is increased by 80%.
* Service for vVery dirty or stained laundry - service price is increased by 50%.

Delivery (picking up laundry and returning it to your address) - price is 400 din.


VitaVes laundry service